UNo Pronto menu

TRADITIONAL ENGLISH BREAKFASTSausage, beans, egg, mushrooms, tomato, bacon and toast£8.30
VEGETERIAN ENGLISH BREAKFAST (v)Hash browns, beans, egg, mushrooms, tomato and toast£7.70
HAM VALDOSTANAHam escalope filled with mozzarella, fried egg, mushrooms and baby spinach served with a piece of ciabatta£9.00
EGGS BENEDICTPoached eggs, ham and Hollandaise sauce on toasted English muffin£7.50
EGGS FLORENTINE (v)Poached eggs, spinach and Hollandaise sauce on toasted English muffin£7.00
EGGS ROYALEPoached eggs, smoked salmon and Hollandaise sauce on toasted English muffin£7.50
PLAIN OMELETTEOmlelette made from organic eggs served with salad£5.90
CHEESE (v), MUSHROOM (v) OR HAM OMELETTEOmlelette made from organic eggs served with salad£6.50
SCRAMBLED EGGS ON TOAST (v)Add smoked salmon or bacon£6.00
PORRIDGE (v)Plain with honey add berries or banana£2.90
PRONTO GRANOLA (v)Granola, natural yoghurt and fresh berries£4.50
FRUIT SALAD (v)Served with or without yoghurt£4.50
SAVOURY FRENCH TOASTToast with ham and cheese, served with salad£7.50
SWEET BREAKFAST (v)Sweet French toast with crème fraîche , mixed berry compote and fresh berries topped with maple syrup£8.00
PANCAKES (v)Served with maple syrup, berries and fruit£6.20
PASTRIES (v)Plain croissant served with butter or preserves, pain au chocolate£1.70
BREAD BASKET (v)Basket of toasted organic breads, served with butter and your choice of preserves, marmite or vegemite£4.00
ANTIPASTI PLATTER (v / non v)Taleggio, olives, sun blushed tomatoes, grilled artichoke, melon, buffalo mozzarella and cherry tomatoes, with or without prosciutto£11.50
TRADITIONAL BRUSCHETTA (v)Tomato, garlic, basil, olive oil£6.50
SOUP OF THE DAY (v) £3.90
SALAD AS A MAIN COURSE (v)Mixed vegetables£7.00
SIDE SALAD (v)Add grilled chicken or grilled salmon£4.00
SANDWICHESSalami, mozzarella and artichoke; Prosciutto, rocket, cheese and mustard; Beetroot, avocado and goat’s cheese (v); Chicken breast, tomato and lettucefrom £4.50
QUICHESSpinach (v), mushroom (v) or Lorraine (+ salad)£7.50
PASTA AL PESTO E POLLOTraditional pesto pasta with grilled chicken£8.00
PASTA CON POMODORO E RICOTTA (v)Fresh fusilli with tomato sauce, Ricotta cheese and basil£7.50
SPANAKOPITA (v)Traditional Greek pie with spinach and feta cheese£7.50
LASAGNA FATTA IN CASAHome-made lasagne with meat ragu£7.50
SPAGHETTI ALLA CARBONARAClassic spaghetti with egg, bacon and parmesan£8.50
RISOTTO CON ASPARAGI, MENTA E LIMONE (v)Asparagus, mint and lemon risotto£8.00
RISO ROSSO (v)Deliciously red beetroot and yoghurt risotto£7.50
RISOTTO AI FUNGHI (v)Mushroom risotto£8.00
CUPCAKESRed velvet, oreo, vanilla£2.20
CHOCOLATE BROWNIE (GL)Brownie is full of chocolate flavor, fudgy and moist£2.65
TIRAMISUHomemade dessert with ladyfingers, mascarpone, and espresso£5.00
ICE CREAMStrawberry, vanilla or chocolate£2.20
MUFFINSBlueberry or chocolate£2.80
LEMON DRIZZLEA lovely lemon cake with a crunchy icing top£2.45
COOKIEOat & rasin, with chocolate chips or chocolate £1.70
‘TROPICAL’Pineapple, mango, banana, passion fruit and orange juice£4.00
‘REFRESHING RED’Strawberry, mango, banana and orange juice£4.00
‘BREAKFAST ON THE GO’Yoghurt, granola, strawberry, banana, blueberry and orange juice£4.00
‘UNO PRONTO’Spinach, kiwi, mango and orange juice£4.00
‘DR. UNO’Apple, carrot, ginger, lemon and orange£3.80
‘WORK OUT WONDER’Celery, carrot, apple and orange£3.80
‘PICK ME UP’Strawberry, banana, apple and orange £3.80
‘LITTLE RED ROOTS’Beetroot, parsnip, carrot, apple and orange£3.80